Samantha Goodale Design



Reduce, Recycle, Rebuild.

The objective of this project was a to shape a project around the idea of maximum and minimum.  I used this prompt to create a mock exhibition for the Philadelphia Center for Architecture entitled Ecohavens. The exhibition was on green architecture that featured both new construction which featured homes designed using the newest green building technologies and rebuild construction which featured homes built from recycled and reused materials, such as storage containers and old barns. As a part of the exhibition I created an iPad Magazine, a Website and a series of tickets.

Student work with Art Direction from Dermot Maccormack

Interact 12 Winner


The primary mark consists of a simple, clean and modern logotype combined with a circular photographic element that is interchanged throughout the brand to represent the different building materials that were used on both the new and rebuild construction homes. The secondary mark is a simplified version of the primary mark and is used within the iPad magazine and the website.

The color palette was inspired by mid century design in its use of muted color palette of a jade, a daybreak blue, a natural moss with a pop of bright white to add a bit of a modernity.

Primary Mark

Secondary Mark

Color Palette


Select the image below to see a screen flow of the entire website.


A few selections from the iPad Magazine.


For the exhibition in order to try and reserve paper I elected to go with electronic tickets that you could pull up on your smart phone.