Samantha Goodale Design



The Work of Oki Sato.

The prompt for this project was the concept of minimalism and the required finished materials included an iPad Magazine and a catalog. I chose to cover the work of Tokyo designer Oki Sato's studio which is entitled Nendo. Although Sato designs everything from chairs to paperclips I chose to include just his furniture work.  One element that you will see across all of Sato's work is the element of shape and line, I took these elements and chose to further divide the project into three sections, angles, cuboids and curves.

Student work with Art Direction from Scott Laserow


The primary mark consists of a simple, clean and modern logotype designed to compliment Oki Sato's line of minimalist furniture.  

The color palette was inspired by the same clean and modern aesthitic. Each section was assigned a color, the angles section featured the sky blue , the cuboids section featured the creamsicle and the curves section featured the apple green. The crisp white and modern grey were used through out both the iPad Magazine and the book. 

Primary Mark

Color Palette


A few selections from the iPad Magazine.


A few selections from the Catalog.