It's always awesome when photographers are willing to try something different when it comes to their business cards. That's why I was so excited when Washington, DC-based photographer Jonathan Timmes reached out to me about creating business cards with a little extra  "something." Jonathan knew from the start that he wanted cards that would make him stand out. I had a few specialty printing processes in mind, but I knew right away his logo would be perfect for foil stamping. Also, I had a foil color sample on hand that perfectly matched Jonathan’s branding.  In the end we ended up printing on 130# Classic Crest Epic Black and using both a white matte foil and a teal metallic foil.

Completed while at Wonderful Machine
Printing by Main Line Print Shop


Sara Rubinstein, a photographer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota shoots primarily lifestyle, kids, education and corporate work. She came to me looking for a new set of business cards that had a little extra something to them. Sara had mentioned from the start that she was interested in using letterpress for her cards. She felt that it created a more genuine business card and I completely agreed.  In the end we ended up going with a letter-pressed card on chip board.

Completed while at Wonderful Machine
Printing by Paper Meets Press